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We partner with corporations to de-risk the process of creating new companies and partnering with startups to accelerate innovation roadmaps.

Startup Screening

Our Startup Screening service goes beyond surface-level assessment. We meticulously explore startups across the globe, employing comprehensive analyses to identify promising opportunities within specific markets.
By delving into market dynamics and startup potential, we empower you to make informed decisions and uncover untapped prospects that align with your strategic goals.

Set Up

During the initial set up phase, we work closely with you to define the challenges that startups will address. By clearly outlining these challenges, we ensure that the screening process is aligned with your specific objectives and areas of focus.

Startup Screening

With the challenges defined, we move to the screening phase. Our team meticulously evaluates startups worldwide, employing in-depth analysis to identify those that show the most promise in tackling your defined challenges.

Comprehensive Analysis

Once potential startups are identified, we conduct a comprehensive analysis. This involves evaluating their capabilities, technologies, and market fit to determine their potential impact on resolving the defined challenges.

Strategic Decision-Making

Armed with thorough insights, you are equipped to make strategic decisions. Our analyses enable you to select startups that align with your vision, ensuring meaningful collaborations that drive innovation and growth.

Open Innovation Programs

In the realm of Open Innovation Programs, we facilitate a dynamic approach to problem-solving. By harnessing a global network of innovative solutions, we assist you in addressing challenges from various angles. Our collaborative programs enable you to tap into a diverse pool of solutions, technologies, and perspectives, resulting in unique and effective program that resonate with your objectives.

Program Design

In the initiation phase, we collaborate to design the Open Innovation Program and clearly define the challenges startups will tackle. This ensures alignment with your strategic goals and provides a focused framework for startup engagement.

Curating Startup Solutions

Moving forward, we curate innovative startup solutions. Leveraging our expansive startup network, we source and connect startups that possess the expertise and innovative ideas to address the defined challenges.

Collaborative Startup Engagement

Our Open Innovation Programs foster collaborative engagement with startups. By facilitating interactions, pilots, and co-creation, we create an environment where startups contribute diverse perspectives and solutions to the challenges at hand.

Targeted Impact

Through startup engagement, our programs yield targeted impact. Startups bring fresh insights and agile approaches to solving challenges, resulting in innovative solutions that align with your goals and drive meaningful outcomes.

Opportunity Mapping

Navigating uncertain market landscapes is made easier with our Opportunity Map service. Using advanced data analysis, we provide you with a detailed roadmap to navigate shifts and disruptions. By pinpointing growth prospects amidst uncertainty, we equip you with the insights needed to make strategic choices, capitalize on emerging trends, and ensure sustained business growth.

Data-Driven Mapping

Our Opportunity Map service begins with data-driven mapping. We analyze intricate market landscapes using advanced data analysis techniques to unveil hidden trends and potential growth opportunities.

Detailed Roadmap Creation

From the analyzed data, we craft a detailed roadmap. This roadmap serves as your guide to navigating market shifts and disruptions, highlighting actionable steps and strategic directions to capitalize on the identified growth prospects.

Strategic Decision Empowerment

Our Opportunity Map empowers strategic decision-making. Armed with insights from the roadmap, you're equipped to make informed choices, leverage emerging trends, and align your actions with the identified opportunities, even amidst market uncertainty.

Sustainable Growth

By pinpointing growth prospects amid uncertainty, our service lays the foundation for sustained business growth. The insights garnered from the Opportunity Map enable you to adapt, innovate, and evolve in response to market dynamics, ensuring your growth journey remains steady and progressive.

Corporate Venture Building

Our Corporate Venture Building service empowers you to not only stay ahead of the competition but also create new avenues of success. Through a proven methodology, we guide you in the creation and development of ventures aligned with your core strengths. By leveraging our expertise, you can establish ventures that disrupt industries, foster innovation, and position your company as a pioneer in the market.

Strategic Vision Crafting

In the first phase of our Corporate Venture Building service, we collaborate to craft a strategic vision. We work to align the creation and development of ventures with your core strengths and long-term objectives.

Proven Methodology Application

Our service applies a proven methodology. We follow a structured approach, drawing on best practices and industry insights, to guide you through the process of building ventures that are poised for success and innovation.

Industry Disruption and Innovation

Through this service, we focus on industry disruption and innovation. By combining your strengths with our expertise, we enable you to create ventures that challenge norms, drive innovation, and lead the way in reshaping industries.

Pioneer Positioning

By leveraging our guidance and expertise, you position your company as a pioneer in the market. The ventures you build through our service not only enhance your competitive edge but also establish your presence as a forward-thinking industry leader.

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What I enjoyed the most was meeting the tourism board, and the hospitality organisations, now we have a lot of collaborations.

Amit Shamni

I highly recommend the program. One of the benefits was identifying companies we can have future collaborations with.

Jeff Kischuk

The program was a real eye opener to what it is to do business in Portugal and the importance of the tourism sector here.

Antoine Belaieff

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