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unlimit, Acredita Portugal’s new brand

After supporting changes for more than 100,000 entrepreneurs, the time has come for Acredita Portugal to change.

Our history begins in 2008 with the desire to help Portuguese people realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Since then, more than 100,000 entrepreneurs, from over 65 countries, have participated in different incubation, acceleration and open innovation programs from Acredita Portugal.

“Rebranding is a natural step for us. In the last four to five years, the team led by Fernando Fraga and Filipe Cordeiro has adapted our programs to the changes in the innovation industry. The programs have been bringing startups closer to companies and scouting has become global. The brand update is an expected progression of this process.”

Miguel Queimado, founder of Acredita Portugal.

The association will maintain its mission and vision, with the necessary adjustments to meet the expectations of the global innovation market. Positioning itself as a company that connects global startups with local companies, through open innovation programs.

And the brand update will happen gradually over the next few months. Also, all ongoing programs maintain the same brand identity, naming, and communication strategy.

Why unlimit?

We believe that innovation is a way to unleash the true potential of a business, so we want to remove barriers to growth, possibilities, creativity, and technology for startups and enterprises alike.

Beyond a new name, Unlimit actually represents the association’s positioning. It reflects the offer of Open Innovation programs, a collaborative corporate innovation, without limits.

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